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Matías Vargas is young Paraguayan, President of The Youth Rural Association of Paraguay (ARJ, Asociación Rural de Jóvenes de Paraguay, in Spanish) and he is also an Agripool expert for Agriterra. Matías manages a family business in Agriculture while managing the most important Association for young people in the agricultural sector in his country and also dedicates a lot of his time to the production of Hampshire Down highlighting and promoting the production of sheep in Paraguay and the region.

In 2019, he was part of the Youth Kick-off Workshop, carried out in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. He was the first young farmer invited as Agripool to Bolivia and he developed the task efficiently. He shared knowledge with the young livestock producers in Santa Cruz, talked about his life, his family business, the Association while he presented his dreams and plans for the future.

For the young participants, it was an incredible experience, to be able to know a young producer from another big producer country. For Matías, it was a great experience because he was able to visit a different region, a big agricultural and livestock sector in Bolivia and he experienced the culture and the life of young producers when they invited him to a cattle auction and also to have dinner with them in the city. Matías invited the young producers to visit Paraguay and he is going to help them organise the new Association of young livestock producers they have created in Santa Cruz.

For Agriterra, this kind of experiences are very valuable. To be able to help young producers reach their potential and create a strong network in the region is something we work for and, we believe that this will be a good way to have better leaders for the future of Agriculture.


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