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Bukanga dairy cooperative in Uganda deals with low milk production during the dry season, because of a lack of fodder for the cows. The cooperative aims for a stable milk production throughout the year, indepedent from the type of season.

The youth group of the cooperative took the initiative to make silage, as it would create employment for them and a service to the cooperative and its members. As the cooperative takes part in the TIDE project, they presented the idea to the TIDE project officers.

As a result, the youth group got subsidized chaff cutting machines and trainings in silage making in order to get them started. At least 10% of the earnings of silage will be saved to buy another chaff cutter.

Currently, the silage that is being made is sold during the dry seasons, which is a good market. To further develop their ideas, the youth council of Bukanga cooperative was recommended to find a mentor who helps them making calculations and creating a sustainable business plan. Until now, already 50 farmers together have managed to increase the milk production during dry season from 100 to 150 liters a day.


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