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Coopecan is a Peruvian cooperative which produces and processes alpaca fiber. Its processing factory is located in the city of Arequipa. In 2014, the management of Coopecan developed a yearly Youth Participation Program “Pro Joven” (Pro Youth), with support and advice from Agriterra. This program provides different training modules to young members and sons and daughters of older members of the coopertive, to improve their skills and capacities and prepare them for an active role within the cooperative.

Between 2014 and 2018, 81 youngsters participated in this program, of which 36 were women. Several "Pro Joven" graduates have already occupied board positions and in addition to this, others have started to work as part of the cooperative’s staff.

These achievements have established a very healthy tradition in the organisation. If you are young and want to access the board or get a job in the cooperative, join this program and do your best!


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