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Duration: approximately 5 hours.


There are many possibilities to involve youth; we collected all ideas from our kick-off workshops and youth groups. Also have a look at our youth groups stories and check this document to get inspired.


Convincing the youth to join a cooperative is not always easy, look at this example from Rwanda and this one from the Netherlands to learn what approch they had. 

We also collected many ideas from you and those which were shared during workshops, which you can find here.

how to set up

a youth council


We strongly advise that youth always starts with organising activities/small projects and that they find out what lives among young members before they start a youth council. If you came to the moment that you're ready for that next step, this document can help you how to set-up a youth council.

how to organise a youth exchange


We have seen that exchanges offer the youth many new perspectives, ideas and help them to develop themselves and their projects. That why we motivate groups to organise low-cost exchanges. This set-up can help you to organise one.

how to write

a grand proposal


You can use this document to create clarity about your project and think about it in a structured way. Besides that, it can be helpful to fill in a grant application.

Let's help each other!

We will always keep on learning, on Facebook we collect ideas, suggestions and solutions for burning questions. 

But we also keep developping our programme, let us know which challenges you face or which subjects we need to pay attention to. The following subjects are already on our programme for the next year(s):